Moisture Removal System

Airknife System

Moisture Removal System, designed for in-line use, will remove exterior surface moisture from almost any design of bottle or container. Its unique air knife arrangement that enables compound angulation of each of the (up to) 8 knife blades, allows for almost unlimited positional adjustment of each blade. This can cater for products between 30mm and 400mm in height.
Air knifeThe CAD designed plenum chamber is optimised for maximum airflow and minimum noise, with each knife blade having an easily adjustable gap. Twin side-channel blowers are mounted in the enclosed base, keeping the footprint as small as possible and providing excellent protection and noise suppression. The stainless steel control panel is mounted at eye level for best protection and ease of maintenance. There is an integral drip tray for water collection & drainage and the clear plastic splash guarding minimizes water contamination of the surrounding area. As with all our products, its stainless steel construction is finished to our usual high standards and is supplied CE marked. Two optional modules are available - an Air Blast kit for spot removal of water from caps, recesses or undercuts and a motorized Top Stabilizer Belt for controlling light or empty products. Air knife systemAir knife system

Moisture Removal System is intended for easy incorporation into our Shrink Sleeving Systems and is essential where sleeve application may be impeded by residual moisture or where post-steam tunnel drying is desirable. As an independent module, it can be installed on any new/ existing line, pre or post fill, and will easily remove filler overspill or process condensation as required.