Side Channel Blowers

Vacuum pumpSide Channel blowers are the first choice in many automation projects for applications requiring large volumes of clean, dry air at low pressures and vacuums.

The RT Range side channel blowers are available in single and three phase with pressures or vacuum up to 400 mBar and flow rates up to 550 m3 per hour. RT Side channel blowers have the added benefits of low noise operation(64-88db) and are compact, virtually maintenance free design.

Mechanism Features
Three-dimensional blower blades enable the air between blades to accelerate along the blade and diameter directions due to rotations. The air is forced to return back to the bottoms of the blades due to pressure difference when entering the blower paths and then accelerates again. This kind of air running movement repeats again and again to result in compression and pressure intensification due to the spiral movement of the air in the blower paths. When the air moves toward the outlet, it will be forced to expel.

Side channel blowerConstruction
All units are equipped with a low-noise, high-efficiency, class H insulated IP54 induction motors. Constructed from Cast aluminium alloy, all of Airtecs blowers are extremely robust, corrosion resistant and are suitable for the most demanding applications. They can operate continuously for a long period of time under a high temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Some common applications include: Process cooling, air knife applications, fume/heat extraction, aeration, process drying.

A range of accessories is available. Including inlet air filters, outlet adapters, hosing, etc.